Each rêvehYaLu product:

Can be proud of powerful active plant: essential oils, vitamins, minerals and raw materials selected with extreme strictness.

– It is carefully crafted exclusively in our “rêve hYaLu” laboratories
– Is formulated using the most advanced techniques in cosmetic science
– It is environmentally sustainable
– Is perfectly tolerated even by the most delicate skin
– Is formulated to reduce the risk of sensitization
– Is ecxposed to strict microbiological controls, chemical and physical ensuring the fullest effectiveness

Friends of The Skin

Made in Italy with traditional and biotechnological methods, “rêve hYaLu” lines pay specific attention on dermatological protection, they take care of skin respecting its physiological characteristics through:

Test for nickel: all products contain nickel quantities lower than one part per million
Dermatological Test: high certified tolerability by a diagnostic method through patch test, used to detect the possible presence of substances that, when used on the skin, cause a “contact dermatitis”
High concentration of natural active ingredients: are chosen and used only natural active ingredients at high concentration, respectful of the environment and meet the criteria of functionality and efficiency
Secure pack: packaging materials are highly selected and recyclable: PET, PP, HDPE. Guarantee of inalterability, ensures the protection of the products forming a barrier against light, humidity, temperature variations and external environment.
In addition, not one “rêve hYaLu” product contains:

Parabens (endocrine disrupters, can be damging and in some people can lead to adverse reactions)
SLS and SLES: (sodium lauryl sulfate and sodium lauryl ether sulfate are considered aggressive surfactants)
Ingredients of animal origin
Chemical aggressive preservatives
Artificial or synthetic colours

Download the Nichel test certificate.